Outdoor art in Puyallup's downtown

On Saturday my husband and I attended the Puyallup Farmers market.  We had a great time, but wow I didn’t realize how much outdoor art there is on display down there. Have you checked it out? I got curious about it and did a little investigating. What I found out was the Arts downtown organization orchestrates around 32 pieces of rotating art around at any given time and over 20 pieces of permanent art.  If you haven’t checked it out you should it’s a great way to spend an afternoon on a sunny day. Bring a picnic lunch if you want and sprawl out on the beautiful lawn, then wander through the trees and pathways enjoying all the great art pieces.  You can print the walking tour guide here  If you decide to go on a Saturday or Sunday this summer you can take in the farmers market at the same time. For us it was just a really relaxing day of sunshine and culture. A great way to get the stress off that we piled on all week long.  

Arts downtown is the organization that brings this art to our downtown in an effort to increase visual literacy. The organization was established in 1995 and really runs on local contributions. The art gallery offers artists the opportunity to sell their work also since most the rotating pieces are for sell. One of my personal favorites in “Change”, by Pasha Stinson the piece is made of Black Granite and Steel weighs 1700lbs it is located in front of the Puyallup library. You can check it out along with all of her other pieces at her website click to view.

I hope you can check it out this summer I know I will do it again soon since I know we missed some of them. Plus I don’t want to miss out on all the fresh produce at the Farmers Market!



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