Extra Cash During the Holidays

This is the time of year that we all start to think about how much are we going to need to budget in for the holidays. It seems like the budget gets a little tighter every year. We begin to ponder questions like, can we afford it, do we need it, what would the holidays be like if we didn’t go all out, where is the money coming from and so on and so on.
There are so many things that we can do to really enjoy our family and friends during this time without breaking the budget. The best times are family time gathering together to decorate, taking a drive to see all the lights, christmas tree lightings with a hot thermos of a beverage of your choice.
Consider emailing your greetings with a photo of your family over printing and mailing cards. My favorite is a family game night with a cookie exchange. Gift exchange is not about how much you spend but that you choose something that reflects a bit of you.

There are some really great deals that will keep you in budget. Another way to save you money is to consider refinancing your home mortgage with the interest rates still in the low 4’s you may be able to lower your monthly payments as well as skip a payment after you close your loan. If you would like to get really serious about your finances I will be facilitating a financial peace university class in January at the Mel Korum Puyallup YMCA. More info to follow.



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