Monarch Realty Group was founded on the philosophy of success through learned skills and agency support. Providing the necessary tools and support to create an environment for success through training and 1-2-1 coaching and targeted mastermind groups for all our brokers.

Success is defined by creating a healthy work environment for our brokers and clients. Working as a team we can meet our goal of providing the best customer service and meeting the needs of our clients.

At Monarch Realty Group we apply these Core principals to our processes everyday to achieve all of our goals collectively

Integrity: At MRG creating a healthy, productive work environment that allows Broker/agents to build careers that meet and exceed their personal goals and the needs of their families is our highest mission. We pledge to be consistent with our actions, values & methods, to reflect that mission.

Listening: In real estate, we are governed by rules. In our offices we will govern by listening to the needs of our work force, including them as much as possible when decisions are made.

Open door communication: All managers have an open door policy to maintain the integrity of the company. This includes answering questions in a timely manner and answering phone calls even when at times it is not convenient. Our goal is to never leave people wondering what is happening when we have an answer now.

Mutual respect: At Monarch Realty group, no role is more important than another. Leadership lives in the actions not the words, of those entrusted to move an organization forward. At MRG we believe in creating leaders at every level. Therefore, every role is just as important as any other and together we create a fun working environment for ourselves and our prospective clients.

Concierge level of service: Each member is individually selected, fully trained, and given the tools they need to succeed. We are not a one-size-fits-all company.

Mentorship: Each new team member, regardless of their skill level or experience, is assigned a mentor to see them through their first three transactions. We also have coaches ready to help when anyone hits a rough patch or need help overcoming a roadblock. We recognize that each individual has psychological strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to use that individuality to help each person’s business soar.

Passion: We are passionate about creating an environment for greatness.  Monarch Realty is for those who have a heart to discover their greatness while helping meet client’s needs in real estate.

Optimism: We hire can-do people. We operate in an optimistic, forward-thinking environment. Why be good when great is available?

Loyalty: All our team members are expected to show loyalty and respect to those around them by building others up and not tearing them down. We want all team members to remember that they represent Monarch Realty Group as well as the client.

We are currently looking to hire a select few agents who will best match these goals. Contact us today for an interview.