Affordability Index Hits An All Time High

Amonget all the bad news out there some good news emerged this last week. The median income affordability index hit a 20 year high. Yes you heard it right Twenty year high.

What does that mean. Here are the facts: For a family currently making the median $65,000 a year, that’s two adults making a little over $3000 a month you can afford 75% of the homes on the market. That’s right 75% , and depending on the market that number goes up to 97% of the homes on the market in some areas.

Their really has never been a better time in twenty years to purchase a home. Interest rates are still at record lows although they are forecasted to rise by the end of the year. So with the affordability index so high what are you waiting for?  If purchasing a home is something you have been waiting and wanting to do contact me and lets sit down and draw out a good plan of action for your family!

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