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Home Inspection- Do we really need to spend the money?

As a professional Real Estate agent and having worked with many, many buyers over the years I get this question all the time from both first time home buyers as well as move up buyers.

Move up buyers especially as they have owned a home before and actually if they purchased their home more than 10 years ago chances are they didn’t even have a home inspection when they purchased it. So why do they have to do it now?

Perhaps they didn’t have a problem with the purchase of their current home and if not then they were lucky because many other home buyers have, which is why most reputable agents have really pushed home inspections as a way to safe guard your home purchase.

Many of the biggest problems a home may have cannot be seen with a simple walk through of the property and let’s face it most people feel a bit uncomfortable looking into other peoples closets and flushing other people’s toilets so they may never see a water stain in a ceiling from a leaky roof, a water pressure problem or a leak under a sink etc. In comes the home inspection.

The home inspection addendum to the purchase and sale agreement gives us the written permission from the seller to do just that. Open every closet, run all the water, fill up the tub, check all the electrical outlets, climb into the crawl space, check out the roof etc. A thorough inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector, trained on what to look for is exactly what is needed to find those problems if they indeed exist. The inspection addendum of the contract allows us up to 10 days to complete the home inspection. And the nice thing about the contract language is it includes the statement, “This Agreement is conditioned on Buyer’s subjective satisfaction with inspection of the property.”  The Key word being, “SUBJECTIVE”. Webster describes subjective as, modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background and lacking in reality or substance.

What this all means to you is if you see something in the home inspection that you didn’t see during your initial walk through and you decide the home is not for you, we simply disapprove the home inspection, the contract is terminated and earnest money gets released to you.

Did you have to pay for the home inspection? Yes. But you are now free to go out and find the home that does meet with your approval and you have just safe guarded yourself from purchasing a bad investment.

A home inspection gives you that piece of mind of knowing you are purchasing a sound solid investment for you and your family for years to come. So please do your self a favor and don’t purchase a home without one!

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