Getting To Know Puyallup


Puyallup – Pronounced:  Pyoo- a lep

The Puyallup valley was originally home to about 2000 Native Americans.  The first European settlers arrived in the 1850’s. Ezra Meeker platted a town site in 1877 and named if after the local Puyallup Indian Tribes.  He later became the first mayor. Today Puyallup is a bustling community with approx. 36,000 residents.  Notable Landmarks in downtown include Ezra Meeker’s Mansion, Pioneer Park which is the towns center, a new public library, and a civic park with a playground and walking paths. You will find the Puyallup High School along with many middle and elementary schools.

Puyallup stretches from Hwy 167 on the north up the Hill to 176th Street to what is properly know as South Hill. South Hill is just that the hill south of downtown Puyallup. It is home to our popular South Hill Mall. With it’s many shops and eaterys and theatre South Hill mall is the closest shopping for the locals without going into downtown Tacoma. South of the mall on the main throughfare which is Meridian Avenue you will find the bedroom communities of Puyallup. Firgrove, Gem Heights, Silver Creek, Sunrise on either sides. Meridian Avenue as I noted runs from the north (downtown) all the way up the hill and into south hill and eventually into Graham which is the city just south of Puyallup. On the hill you will also find Rogers High School on 128th Ave E. And Emeral Ridge High school  on 184th street east. See Puyallup Schools. for all the local schools in the area.

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