Growing Trends in Puyallup Real Estate

I’m seeing a growing trend in Puyallup Real Estate right now. Perhaps it is happening throughout the country. Sellers who want to move up, have equity in their homes so they can do it, but want to find a home first before they put their home on the market.

This presents a problem because of the obvious but let’s lay it out here.  They need to sell their home in order to buy a new home so when they find their new home they need to have a contingency in order to do that. The seller of the home they want to buy may or may not want to give that. Why? Well lets look at what that means to the seller of the home my clients want to buy. They have a marketable home for sale. The buyer is now asking them to take the home off the market and give them 60 days to sell their home in a market that is taking an average of 120 days to sell. There’s the problem.

Now I know that clients don’t want to put their home on the market until they find that special home that fits all of their needs. What I say is why not? What is the harm in putting your home on the market now? First you will know in about 30 days if you are priced right by the amount of interest you get. That will give you a much better idea of what you realistically are going to pull from your home to go towards the purchase of the new. Honestly I can come in to your home and give you all the suggestions and map charts of what has been selling and blah, blah, blah. But what better way are going to know what your house will sell for then putting it on the market.

Like I said if your home is priced too high you will know it in 30 days. In that 30 days you may have found the home you want and then we can adjust the price to get it sold. What else does that do though? It takes all the guess work out of not knowing what you will get for the home. Now when you decide to purchase that home you found you are making an educated decision because you know exactly where you stand on how much your proceeds will be.

Now let’s say the opposite is true, let’s say your home gets an offer right away. Guess what it’s your home you don’t have to sell it. You will know if that is going to happen by how much traffic your home gets in the first week or two. Generally in this market if you get more than 5 showings you will have an offer from one of those. Will it be a low offer? We don’t know there are a lot of buyers out there just testing the market to see what they can get so maybe it will be. What I tell all of my sellers is it’s your house you don’t have to sell it at a price you don’t want to sell it for. It’s your decision and you haven’t found a house yet so no harm on foul. Again what you are gaining is education on what your house will eventually sell for.

There is an MLS code called TOM what that stands for is Temporally off the Market. If you get way too much activity and we know your priced right and it’s all happening too fast. We apply the TOM, but now the home is staged it’s ready we already have everything in place and when you find the home you want, Bam! We put it back active. Again no harm no foul.

If you’re in this situation and need some help making the decision give me a call or contact me I offer a complete guide will real solutions and never any pressure.

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