How Important is Pricing when Selling your Home?

Finding comparable homes and pricing can be trickier than you think.

Recently when pricing a home in a neighborhood in Puyallup I found homes priced within a $40,000 price difference for the same square footage and model of home. What does it mean to the seller that is at the higher end of that? Simply that their home is going to remain on the market longer and may never sell.  With a market that is continuing to decrease every month it means they are getting further and further away from their move date.

Home buyers have many homes to choose from in a given area. The truth is their just is not a shortage of homes on the market even in this fall season which is typically a slower market for Puyallup. There are more homes then buyers which spells buyers market.

In a buyer’s market a home needs to be priced below market average and be in the best condition in order to sell quickly. Having recently sold a home in this market in 10 days I can tell you that this is where you need to be in order to sell.  

That is the reality and if you are going to be successful with your move you have got to get your head around that. Are there other contributing factors? Sure where your home is located in a given community is important, is your home upgraded? Also important, but nothing beats pricing. Pricing is 90% of the of the plan you must have when selling your home.

If you need some help with selling your home give me a call, I’m happy to help. Be prepared for me to shoot you straight when marketing your property.

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