How to plan for your new home purchase

One of the things I offer to all my clients are free consultations whether you are purchasing a new home or selling a family home it’s a major decision and we want to get it right.

Part One Buyers Consultation

In part one I will go over and outline the things you need to determine in order to prepare for your home purchase and really get all the things you must have in a new home.

As I mentioned in my nine tips for home ownership one of your first stops should be with a home mortgage professional. It’s important to know the payment you are most comfortable with in order to determine the price range we will be searching in.

From there we can determine the best neighborhoods that meet your family’s needs. Once we determine that we can then focus on the type of home you’re looking for ie; one story, two stories, one story with a basement etc.

How many people will occupy this household? Are there any special needs we should consider? Do you need a back yard?  If so how large? How will you use your back yard? Do you have pets? Where will they be kept?

What rooms in the house are most important and where do you spend the most time in your home? What does your kitchen look like? What is important for you to have in there? What are your must haves in your home? We will go through two pages of questions just like these in order to determine all of your must haves. We will then narrow these questions down to 5 must have deal breaker items. In other words, if the home does not have these 5 things it is a deal breaker for you and you cannot purchase it.

What all of this does is it gives us a solid starting point and puts us all on the same page as we move forward in finding the right home for you. You are first of all searching in the price range that you are comfortable searching in and for the home that is going to meet all of your needs.

I hope this gives you an idea of why I feel a buyer consultation is so important for all of my clients.

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