Navigating the rough spots in the Puyallup Real Estate Market.

Recently I had a situation with a seller in Puyallup where we sold the house within a week and a half which is great news in any market but especially news worthy in this short sale, foreclosure environment.  Any one would be happy and we were, my seller was packing boxes and previewing homes to purchase in order to make her move complete.

The really good news turns out to be that she had not found a home yet because low and behold I got a call from the buyers agent twenty some days into the contract that something came up on title pretaining to a tax lien for the IRS and the lender might possibly not lend to this buyer.

Thinking quickly and not wanting to waste any time, I got on the phone to every agent that had shown the home prior to entering into contract with this buyer to let them know that if might be coming back on the market. Chances were that the buyers that had showed interest but lost out because we found another buyer may not have found another home yet. I also wanted to work to put pressure on the lender and buyers agent to get an answer quickly in order to not lose market time for my seller.

Time is really of the essence in Real Estate. If you are not working with a proactive agent who is working diligently on your behalf your working with the wrong agent. Give me a call. I’m here to help you navigate through the rough spots in the market.      

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