Puyallup Downtown

Puyallup is one of many cities and towns in Washington that contains an ‘old-fashioned’ downtown shopping area made up of historic buildings, which date to the town’s origin and maintain the architecture of the pioneer spirit that formed much of the west. There you will find a wonderful array of shops, boutiques, restaurants, also the Liberty Theater which was built in 1924 and was the most modern theatre of its time. Today it has been completely renovated and now hosts events such as weddings, live converts, dinner shows and more. www.thelibertytheater.com.

Downtown Puyallup is also home to many outdoor art displays many permanent but  also many that rotate in around the downtown area to find out more about the art displayed in our downtown go to http://www.artsdowntown.org/index.html.  There you can get a list of the outdoor art displayed and spend the day discovering the many treasures of art displayed. So whether your interest is shopping, dining or just meandering through the park Puyallup’s downtown area has alot to be discovered.

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