Puyallup Dresses Up Nicely In White!

Recently my husband and I took a vacation to Nevada and Arizona. The weather was warm but not hot which suited our taste nicely. Upon returning we were standing in the Seatac baggage claim area looked outside to see snow flakes coming down. We knew quickly that we were in for a big change.

I have to say I wasn’t real happy at first, I had really enjoyed getting away and the warmer temperatures. We started our commute home from the airport and the closer we got to Puyallup the whiter it got. All I could think was, “Wow Puyallup really dresses up nicely in the snow”! Yes the snow adds an extra hassle or two but who really can’t say the beautiful white snow drifts and trees aren’t a nice sight to see.  Many areas adjacent get very little snow but Puyallup certainly never disappoints and although it never stays to long it’s always beautiful while it lasts.

The weather changes rapidly in the Pacific Northwest no one season seems to stick around very long but we tend to get milder temperatures for the most part and one can never really get too bored when it comes to the weather here!

Hope you got to enjoy some of it because it will be gone as soon as you blink.

My Best,


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