Puyallup Real Estate Market Prime for Homecoming Troops

With so many affordable properties located within a short commute to Ft Lewis and McChord Air Force base the Puyallup Real Estate market and the surrounding areas offer a great value for homecoming troops wanting to purchase their new home.  There over 1100 3+ bedrooms, 2 bath homes in the area to choose from both brand new and resale homes. Many builders are still offering to pay closing costs and/or negotiate price.
An added bonus for those  returning home is the First time home buyers tax credit they still qualify for. That’s right the $8,000 tax credit that expired for most of us is still available for those troops returning from Iraq or any other place they have served over seas. The criterion is that they have served for at least 90 days during the period between December 2009 and May of 2010.The home must be closed before May 31, 2011.
Also military families are not subject to the recapture law which states that if the homeowner sells the home before 3 years he must repay the tax credit.  So if the military homeowner gets sent to another location they are able to sell the home without repaying the credit.
With the low interest rates still in place and the VA loan, a military family can purchase a new home for no money down, no closing costs, (in most cases) and low interest rates for the life of the loan and still have the $8,000 to purchase furnishings or upgrades to the home.
Don’t keep this a secret, if you know of those troops returning home let them know to contact a Real Estate Professional today!

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