Puyallup Short Sale Buyers Guide

Here is a short guide to purchasing Short Sale Properties in Puyallup.

  • Be sure you are working with a buyers agent that has successfully negotiated and closed short sales.
  • Short Sale properties are usually the best priced homes on the market, therefore you and your agent need to be watching the market daily to to find them as they list.
  • Be prepared to see those properties that interest you right away, as many of them only stay on the market for a few days before pending.
  • Although the short sale process can be a long process it doesn’t have to be. We can pinpoint properties that have the ability to close quickly if you know what you are looking for.
  • If your serious about purchasing a short sale property get with a lender that has experience in the process and obtain a pre-approval. We will need that for our offer.
  • If you don’t know a reputable lender check out the lender page on this website.
  • Be prepared to respond quickly to requests from your agent, lender, the sellers agent and/or the lien holder. Although the upfront process can take a few weeks when we get a response their are usually on a short time clock to respond.
  • Bring your patience and your cooperation and the process can be as smooth as any other property purchase. But first you must be sure you are working with a qualified agent and lender.

If you need help with that give me a call or contact me.

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