Spring Has Sprung As They Say….

Doing the work yourself vs. hiring it out.

Whew! well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Winter went on far to long for us here in Puyallup. Spring hit rather late which had us scrambling to work on the yard. This is our second year doing all the work our selves but I must say I have found that doing the yard ourselves really gives us a sense of pride in ownership.

 In years past we have hired all of that out to gardeners and landscapers and what I found is yes, the work got done quickly and correctly for the most part. But what would end up happening is we wouldn’t really be the ones in our yard enjoying it.

There is something about stressing about the details out there that gives me a sense of pride in ownership as well as just the overall enjoyment in the yard. All these years I have been paying someone else to get that. How silly. But I just never saw it that way.

Will I ever hire help again? I suppose if I really found myself needing too but for now I am content to do it myself. If you need some help with your existing home projects let me know. I have several good landscapers, contractors and can recommend and years of experience finding the right one for the job.

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