Stormin' in Puyallup in more ways than one!

Good Morning,

It’s the morning after a storm here and my internet is currently down. What better time to catch up with blogging.

I have been home most of this last week helping my hubby recover from eye surgery. He has had a pterygium for the past 10 years or so in his left eye and they hadn’t wanted to operate on it for fear that it would impair his eye sight or simply grow back.

 In the past couple of months he had noticed some blurring in that eye so upon examination they decided to go ahead with the surgery. Of course having waited to do this the eye was in really bad shape and it had grown large and covered a part of his cornea.

 Now I don’t really know much about the human eye but I know you only have two and eye sight is not to be taken for granted. So I was very nervous with him going in for this and honestly if it had not been for the fact that he was now having trouble seeing out of that eye we wouldn’t have done the surgery.

The surgery went longer than expected and he was awake for the whole thing so he wasn’t too happy of a camper when I saw him in the recovery room. The surgery had gone well but it wasn’t completely without pain. And honestly I can’t imagine watching someone grinding at your eye with a polishing tool.  Ugh.

I brought him home with his bag of eye drops and creams and we began the whole week of recovery. Every day his sight has gotten better so he is on the mend.

Being a nurse maid is actually one of the things I do best which has served me well in the Real Estate market over the years tending to my clients. This whole process has side tracked me a bit though so I have to spend some time to get back on track. The market has slowed down a bit but honestly not as much as it usually does at this time of year so I will be back hitting it hard in no time.

It’s still a good time to buy and sell with interest rates in the low 4’s so if you need some help give me a call.

My Best,


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