How Important is Pricing when Selling your Home?

Finding comparable homes and pricing can be trickier than you think. Recently when pricing a home in a neighborhood in Puyallup I found homes priced within a $40,000 price difference for the same square footage and model of home. What does it mean to the seller that is at the higher end of that? Simply that their home is going to remain on the market longer and may never sell.  With a market that … [Read more...]

Navigating the rough spots in the Puyallup Real Estate Market.

Recently I had a situation with a seller in Puyallup where we sold the house within a week and a half which is great news in any market but especially news worthy in this short sale, foreclosure environment.  Any one would be happy and we were, my seller was packing boxes and previewing homes to purchase in order to make her move complete. The really good news turns out to be that she had not … [Read more...]

Fall is still a great time to sell your home in Puyallup!

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to take inventory of the market. Interest rates are still low inventory is shrinking as it does this time of year. Prices are still low but holding their own right now it seems. So the good news for home owners is home prices are not falling like the leaves on their trees. It’s still a good time for sellers to get on the market if you’re not afraid of selling … [Read more...]

Growing Trends in Puyallup Real Estate

I’m seeing a growing trend in Puyallup Real Estate right now. Perhaps it is happening throughout the country. Sellers who want to move up, have equity in their homes so they can do it, but want to find a home first before they put their home on the market. This presents a problem because of the obvious but let’s lay it out here.  They need to sell their home in order to buy a new home so when … [Read more...]