Three Reasons Why Listing Your Home is Better Than Going FSBO

The case for selling your house by yourself (FSBO) instead of using a real estate broker certainly seems like a no-brainer. With resources like Craigslist, social networking, and image sharing sites at your disposal, the modern day seller has all the tools necessary, right? Before you plant that For Sale By Owner sign in your front lawn and laugh at the “big savings” you’ll see from not paying a commission, check out these reasons why listing your home is way better than going FSBO.

Beware of Legal Fees

The biggest reason sellers go FSBO is the belief that cutting out the middleman (the real estate broker) saves money by not paying a big commission. That may be initially true on paper, but if you do finally get a qualified buyer, who draws up the contract?

This is not a simple exchange of goods for money, such as selling a lamp on Craigslist; your home is most likely the biggest investment you own. Those not using a real estate professional still need to hire a real estate attorney to draw up a generic contract, and attorneys don’t work for free.

By using a broker, you’ll get a professional who is knowledgeable about real estate contracts and your situation. As your representative, your broker knows exactly what to include in the contract to keep you  safe and secure in the selling process.

Is That Buyer Qualified?

You might be fine handling all the email and phone inquiries about your home, but how do you know any of those potential buyers are actually qualified to buy your home? Professional real estate brokers make sure that buyers meet with a lender before looking at homes to see how much the buyer can afford.

Furthermore, brokers are pretty good at gauging a buyer’s motivation and making sure that the “buyer” is not actually the “thief” looking to loot your home for valuables.

My House is the Best in the Neighborhood!

Sure, you may think your home is the greatest in town, and your child is the star of the baseball team, but it takes an honest, objective person to tell you the truth. Overpricing your home is the best way to lose money on a sale, and a real estate professional helps keep you from doing that.

Look at it this way – if your home is priced and marketed competitively and correctly from the beginning, it’s very likely that you’ll make more money on the sale than you’d have saved on commissions by overpricing it and selling it for less later. Confused? Check out this link for a more detailed explanation.


While it’s true that the modern seller has access to many (but not all) of the marketing products available to real estate brokers, there is still no replacement for old fashioned, quality service. It is this service that sells your home faster, safer, and for more money than you’d get by going it alone. If you’re in need of a great real estate professional, contact Vanessa today and see what she can do for you and your home.

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