What Puyallup Real Estate buyers need to know when purchasing a home.

Thinking of purchasing a home? Use these nine tips to help make the transaction a smooth and easy experience.

1)    Whether this is your first home or your last it is best to have a plan. Planning can make the transaction of buying a home much easier and enjoyable.

2)    Your first stop should be to talk with a lender to obtain a preapproval. Once you find the home you want to purchase you will need one to submit with your offer so it’s best to have one a head of time. Doing this also gives you the piece of mind that you are shopping in the right price range to meet your financial needs.

3)    Not all lenders are the same. Every lender has different programs, rates and fees. It’s important to know up front what fees your lender is charging. Always ask your lender for a Good faith estimate. Sometimes called a TILA (Truth in lending act) your lender is required by law to give you that within 3 days of running your credit but not all of them do.

4)    It is best to get good faith estimates from more than one lender so you can compare the fees and get your lowest best deal on a home mortgage. Remember this is a loan you will have for at least 7 years which is the average length of time most owners stay in one home.

5)    Find a Realtor you can trust. Not all Real Estate agents are Realtors. Realtors are members of the Washington Association of Realtors and are held to a higher standard of service. Ask your agent if you are not sure they are a member.

6)    Find a Realtor that is willing to do a Buyers Consultation with you. Again whether this is your first purchase or your last, real estate rules change daily. If you own a home you probably purchased it several years ago and the rules have changed a lot. There are a lot of details you need to know about, including home inspection details.

7)    Make sure your Realtor is a fulltime agent working in the field. Again the rules change sometimes daily you need to be working with an agent who is in the field daily and up on the current changes.

8)    Having a home inspection is one of the best things you can do to prevent against buying a home that is not a solid investment. If you don’t know one ask your Realtor for some referrals. 

9)    It’s a good idea to purchase a Home Warranty or work with a Realtor who provides one. Home Warranties can protect you against defects in the home for the first year of home ownership and beyond.

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