Why Fall is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Fall HouseTiming is everything, as the saying goes. The perfect time to put their house on the market is something many sellers consider, believing it to have an impact on the sales price. While homes of every shape, size, and condition are sold throughout the year, success or failure all boils down to proper marketing, and an Autumn sale is no different.

Summer is over

Even if the sun is shining brightly in a cloudless, blue sky, shorts and t-shirt weather is most definitely over. Instead of hot, sweaty buyers walking into your home in search of air conditioning, cold and red-nosed buyers bundled in coats and gloves are coming inside. What they want is a warm, cozy place to call home.

Keeping your home clean and uncluttered is just as important as it was in the summer, but you must now make it both warm and inviting. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is key; too much heat will send them back outside, while too little kills any of your home’s cozy factor.

Play up the season

Each of the four seasons has its own unique beauty, but Autumn can be particularly vibrant and appealing. The style and setting of your home will affect how it’s presented, but the best rule of thumb is to make your yard feel like a well-maintained park, and the interior seem like a cozy neighborhood coffee shop.

The maintenance tips in this previous post will coincide with staging your home for a Fall sale.

Christmas comes once a year

Most buyers who are home shopping in Autumn have one overriding thought in their minds: moving in and settling into their new home before the holiday season is in full swing. In addition to making your home visually appealing, a competitive listing price is the best motivator for a potential buyer.

Keeping the asking price down and making it as easy as possible for your home to be shown will encourage buyers to move fast on making an offer quickly so they can close on the transaction by mid-December.


With the proper price and presentation you will drastically increase the odds of selling your home by the end of year.

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