Winter in Puyallup

Winter in Puyallup

Winter in Puyallup

This is actually a picture a friend of mine snapped on her way to breakfast. Her and her family had decided to walk to breakfast at one of the local eatery’s. This is not something they normally do in the middle of winter on a Thursday but as it turns out the whole family was home as was her sisters family and since they all don’t live to far from each other in downtown Puyallup they decided to make an event of it. Oh and did I mention that they all were without power because of the heavy 6 inches of snow that had fallen during the night?

Let me back up a bit. Six inches of snow had fallen in the greater Seattle area overnight, roughly shutting down the surrounding areas. Schools closed, many businesses closed due to no power. Thousands of crews were called in from neighboring states to help with restoring power to thousands of homes.

School children and teachers rejoiced since the schools were closed for 3 days giving them a spontaneous 5 days off.

Many trees were down, some on top of homes and businesses. So some feared going out due to many trees and limps still falling. Puyallup was in a bit of a mess. This didn’t stop my friend and her family.

Although it was harsher weather then we had see in a long time locals made the best of it and we are left with beautiful pictures of Puyallup in the winter.

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